Hospice 101 by Mia Rowse


Patient and Caregiver/Family


  • Assesses patient and family needs and develops an individualized plan of care based off the patient’s needs and wishes
  • Coordinates team visits and implements the plan of care
  • Evaluates patient regularly to ensure symptom management and pain control

Hospice Aide

  • Provides personal cares, such as bathing and dressing for the patient
  • Identifies and reports patient needs to RN
  • Provides companionship for patient and family

Social Worker

  • Assesses patient and family’s emotional, social, spiritual and financial needs and develops an individualized plan of care based on these needs
  • Assists in end-of-life planning and helps file insurance paperwork
  • Knowledgeable of community resources available and places referrals
  • Provides support and guidance counseling to patient and families/caregivers
  • Leads grief groups for continued support after the loss of a loved one


  • Assesses patient and family/caregiver’s spiritual needs and develops plan of care
  • Provides spiritual support to patient, caregivers and families.
  • Assists with memorial/funeral preparations

Bereavement Coordinator

  • Educates families and caregivers on grief and loss
  • Supports caregivers and family for up to 13 months after the loss of a loved one
  • Assists in grief groups

Medical Director

  • Collaborates with nurses and the Cottonwood Hospice team to develop an individualized plan for the patient
  • Certifies terminal prognosis and hospice eligibility requirements
  • Prescribes medication as needed
  • Educates patients and families on disease progression

Hospice Volunteers

  • Visits patients and provides companionship to patients
  • Provides breaks for caregivers and families
  • Offers support to the family at the end-of-life and during bereavement